Youtube英語独習メモ「Insane First Day in India! | Travel to Jaipur, Rajasthan」

All right guys well, it’s day one here in India.
All right(alright):さあ
All right guys well: それでは

It’s my first full day in India, and this place is incredible, to say the least.
full day: 丸一日
to say the least: 控えめに言っても

We’re going to be kicking off this tour of Rajasthan here in Jaipur, and what do we have in store today?
kick off: 開始
in store : 今から起ころうとする

We’re going to be going on a week-long tour of Rajasthan.
go on: 進む、続ける、移る
week-long: 一週間に渡る

Rajasthan is one of the most colorful States in India.

Rajasthan basically means Land of the Rajas or Land of the Kings because there’s a ton of different princely states or little kingdoms that make up this entire state.
a ton of : 物凄い数の
princely: 王侯の

So as you may or may not know, I used to live in India 9 years ago now,
and I came through Rajasthan when I finished my job.
So as~ :~ように
may or may not :~かもしれないしそうではないかもしれない

Hey, this is me and I want to show you my hotel here in Udaipur

where I am paying two dollars and fifty cents a night

So check this out. I went to a lot of places that ..

We’re going to go and to the legendary Pushkar Camel Festival.
私達は有名なプシュカル( पुष्कर )ラクダ祭に行ってきます。

So I’m super stoked to show this place to you and to all of you guys.
so stoked: 超嬉しい。excitedより上

We’re going to be making an entire series about Rajasthan, the most colorful state in India.

We’ll be visiting the three main cities in this series starting here in Jaipur, the Pink City, Udaipur, the White City and Jodhpur, the Blue City.

We’ll be wrapping everything up at the legendary Pushkar Camel Festival.
wrap ~ up: ~を仕上げる、完成させる

An Incredible, incredible place to kind of get your bearing for your first day in Rajasthan.
to kind of get : 何となく分かる(?)
get one’s bearing:自分の場所を確認する

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